• Leader. Strong. Friend. Neighbor.

    Jerome Durham

  • District 3 City Council Candidate

    I have been calling San Antonio home for as long as I can remember. I am a graduate of Judson Senior High and attended SAC while on route to transfer to UTSA, I saw a glowing disparity in San Antonio politics. WE, the people haven't had a voice. I want to change this and work with the community I work, live, eat, and support DISTRICT 3. We have the ability to make San Antonio one of the most prosperous and thriving cities in America. Lets do this together, I need your vote to ensure District 3 is no longer forgotten.

  • Platform For District 3


    Fix various roads, streets, sidewalks etc. that have not been touched in decades.

    Allocate more money in the city's budget to District three. Do not rely on bonds money to pay for what city budgets should cover.

    Public Safety

    We need to ensure District 3 is a place where everyone feels safe. This includes stray/rapid dogs, up to violent crime where San Antonio has increased over 24% from 2015-2016.

    Public Morale/Knowledge

    We need the public to trust their elected officials. Everyone from every economic background, age, race, and religion needs to know that we are here for the people. We are going to make District 3 proud.

  • Endorsements

    Many of your relatives, neighbors, clergyman, and entrepreneurs.